Intergenerational Theft

Professor Yassine OAM, Associate Professor Rafferty & Mr Walsh

Is a lack of Infrastructure Investment a form of Intergenerational Theft?

After more than a quarter of a century of uninterrupted economic growth, Australia has developed an enviable international economic record. We have an economy that has been growing for 26+ years – healthy GDP growth and low unemployment. 

But like many other countries that record is not unblemished. There is the stubborn issue of inequalities of income and wealth, of education and health outcomes and access to social infrastructure. Thomas Picketty and others have shone a light on some of inequality’s structural causes, and they make the case that without concerted public policy action, growing inequality is a more or less inevitable outcome of market processes, including the very processes that produce economic growth. These inequalities are not just bad economically because we don’t get to use all of our talents and capacities. They also create political tensions and tear at the fabric of our social order. 

Professor Talal Yassine OAM
Australian National University, Managing Director Crescent Wealth

Associate Professor Michael Rafferty
RMIT University

Mr Ronan Walsh
Chief Investment Officer, Crescent Wealth