Infrastructure – Doing What Matters

Dr Beeferman and Dr Wain

At the core of our paper Infrastructure: Defining Matters was the notion that a proper understanding of what “infrastructure” means is critical not only for those who make decisions as to whether, on what terms, and in what ways investments in infrastructure might be made but also for those whose lives and livelihoods – on an individual and collective basis – are affected or intertwined with those decisions. The definition we offered was one which focused on people; their individual and collective needs with a central concern with their ability to thrive in the society in which they live and as they would have that society be; the diverse ways in which it “looms large”; and with an eye less to the structures and facilities typically associated with infrastructure and more to the (infrastructure-related) enterprises, the human undertakings organized in diverse ways to meet those needs.

Dr Larry Beeferman is Director Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project, Labor and Worklife Program, Harvard Law School, Harvard University and Dr Allan Wain is Head of Strategic Development, Hastings, LWP Fellow, Harvard Law School, Harvard University