Academic Papers

These are a select number of articles written by members of our Editorial Board.

Several papers will be published in the coming months which will be provided freely as we discuss and debate the nation's interests and pathways to its future prosperity.

We welcome approaches from any potential author or co-author (from a recognised academic or civic institution) to publish their paper through the Crescent Think Tank, which of course are subject to our Editorial Board's processes and assessment.

Should you wish to contact us with respect to the above, please click here.

Select Papers

Capital unchained: finance, intangible assets and the double life of capital in the offshore world

Dick Bryan,Michael Rafferty and Duncan Wigan (more…)

Financialisation and labour in the Australian commercial construction industry

Dick Bryan, Michael Rafferty, Phillip Toner and Sally Wright (more…)

Fundamental value: a category in transformation

Dick Bryan and Mike Rafferty (more…)

Political Economy and Housing in the Twenty first Century From Mobile Homes to Liquid Housing

Dick Bryan & Mike Rafferty (more…)

Infrastructure – Doing What Matters

Dr Beeferman and Dr Wain (more…)

Infrastructure – Deciding Matters

Dr Larry Beeferman & Dr Allan Wain (more…)

Infrastructure – Defining Matters

Dr Beeferman & Dr Wain (more…)

Getting Real About Islamic Finance

Dr Beeferman & Dr Wain (more…)

Intergenerational Theft

Professor Yassine OAM, Associate Professor Rafferty & Mr Walsh (more…)